Manufacturing at Intel

As the world's largest chip manufacturer, we strive to make every facet of semiconductor manufacturing state of the art, from facilities themselves to packaging and delivery. Our Manufacturing career track offers opportunities to create the next generation of products using some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes, working on specialized equipment in a clean room environment, to working on the facilities systems, or supporting our vast supply chain. As part of Manufacturing at Intel, you would be part of world-leading wafer production creating the very latest semiconductor devices.

Intel is shaping the data-centric future

Intel helped define the modern world of computing. Now, as we have evolved from our role as a PC-centric company to a data-centric company, we measure our progress beyond advances in transistors and CPUs. With innovation across our six fundamental technology pillars, we are shaping the data-centric future. A future in which Intel powers the world—and democratizes compute power for all.

Deepening the Impact of Corporate Responsibility Efforts

We are constantly innovating to deepen the impact of our corporate responsibility efforts and exploring new ways to apply our technology to address global challenges. We set ambitious goals and make strategic investments to drive improvements in environmental sustainability, supply chain responsibility, diversity & inclusion, and social impact. We are proud of the progress we made on our 2020 goals from 39% reduction in greenhouse emissions, zero hazardous waste, >71% green power, ~1B gallons of water savings, and so much more. We are raising the bar for ourselves, evolving our corporate responsibility strategy to increase the scale of our work with others to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable world, enabled through technology and our collective actions.

Intel's Commitment to Hiring Veterans

We are committed to connecting the best and brightest military talent to Intel careers where you can continue to make an impact and build the future. Your strength of purpose, commitment to excellence, and dedication to teamwork are an ideal cultural fit. Whether you are an experienced professional, in school, or recently transitioning out, we have opportunities for you.

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Intel's Intern Program - Your First Step to Your Career

Intel has a well-developed internship program serving thousands of students who are preparing for real careers outside of college. Our goal is to provide real-world, thought-provoking internships to undergraduate and graduate-level students. Historically, more than 50 percent of our interns go on to accept full-time opportunities with Intel after graduation. There is no better way to learn than to experience things first-hand. Our internships offer students a chance to get real-world experience with ownership of projects from day one, as well as the opportunity to develop a network of contacts for their future. Intel managers encourage students to take the initiative and develop programs that meet their particular interests.

Building a Better World with Diversity & Inclusion

"Building a better world is our business and we feel a sense of responsibility to lead the industry in diversity and inclusion. When every employee feels they have a voice and sense of belonging, Intel can be more innovative, agile, and competitive to achieve our greatest ambitions." Robert Swan, Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation

Intel's Culture & Values

Fearless, Inclusion, Customer Obsessed, One Intel, Truth & Transparency, Quality
As we continue our culture evolution, it’s become clear that what got us here is not going to get us there. So, we are taking the best from Intel’s rich history and culture, and combining it with the best of what we want to be, and refreshing the shared values that shape how we work together. Culture represents everything we do, and values define how we do it. They make our culture evolution real—guiding how we make decisions, treat each other, innovate, have fun, and serve our customers. Our refreshed values encourage us to act more like a nimble start-up. They enable us to transform into a growth company—one that enters, competes and wins in new markets—and rise to the challenge of our greatest ambitions. Together, these six values allow us to live into our purpose, improve our execution and achieve our ambitions

Benefits at Intel

We offer a complete and competitive package of benefits that demonstrates how much we care for employees and their families through every stage of life. We reward performance and hard work with best-in-class compensation, cutting-edge health plan options, generous time off, and life-long career growth opportunities.

Choose Your Next Adventure - Intel Employees Favorite Benefit

A hallmark of Intel is our sabbatical program. Sabbaticals give employees the option to celebrate their fourth anniversary with four weeks off with full pay, or their seventh anniversary with eight weeks – all in addition to regular vacation time. Our view is that employees deserve an opportunity to step away, try something new, explore the world, volunteer, or simply spend more time with families and friends. They come back refreshed with new ideas and perspectives.

關於 Intel

英特尔公司(Intel Corporation,NASDAQ:INTC、港交所:4335)是世界上最大的半导体公司,也是第一家推出x86架构处理器的公司,总部位于美国加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉。由罗伯特·诺伊斯、高登·摩尔、安迪·葛洛夫,以“集成电子”(Integrated Electronics)之名在1968年7月18日共同创办公司,将高级芯片设计能力与领导业界的制造能力结合在一起。英特尔也有开发主板芯片组、网卡、闪存、绘图芯片、嵌入式处理器,与对通信与运算相关的产品等。现任经营决策者为董事长克雷格·贝瑞特及总经理兼首席执行官的保罗·欧德宁。“Intel Inside”的广告标语与Pentium系列处理器在1990年代间非常成功的打响英特尔的品牌名号。

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