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    JS Sim
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    30 億至 150 億新台幣
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Taipei, TaiwanConsultant
於 2018年11月14日
Creative but high pressure
You can know many people who is the most professional in financial industry and talk their career plan. then help them to find the better job. more fun.
台北市Recruitment Consultant
於 2018年9月29日
Fun and Productive workplace
I have to screening the candidates resume, selecting the suitable candidates to arrange the interview. I also have to be the interviewer to check their potential motivation and personality traits. I learned how to communicate more smoothly and how to be a problem solver, and would like to be leader to arrange different kinds of company's activites.
台北市Recruitment Consultant
於 2016年8月5日
Challenging and exciting job
It's challenging and intense to be a headhunter. Our typical day includes searching for suitable candidates, providing related consulting service for clients, interviewing candidates and reaching out for new clients. People often misunderstand our job as HR, but the truth is that being a successful headhunter means you're a superb sales person. The most difficult part of the job is to fulfill clients' demand meanwhile balance with reality. On the other hand, the sense of achievement of closing a case is beyond any compensation that comes along. We had mentor system in the company. Mentors provide guidance and reviews of our performance, but there's no standard SOP of our job. Being flexible and able to adapt changes are very important of being a headhunter. The job sharpened my problem-solving and negotiation skills. Also, I'm trained to work under intense pressure and to deliver work efficiently.




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