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●a typical day at work check the task priority and monitor the ticket status. Go onsite to support my client and deal with people if needed. Meeting and synchronize the information with team members. Support and cooperate with colleagues from global team for other projects. ●what you learned gain wider view of IT infrastructure in my company, what the pre-requisite before implementing project. Learn and follow the ITIL concept and more.... ●management lots of tasks involving management skill; user engagement, IT support, prioritize the tasks and time management. ●your co-workers I love to co-workers both in local and global support team because that would produce and generate more valuable achievement. also I like the way to interact with people even we speak different language, but I could learn the culture and the way of thinking, not just only about IT skills. ●the hardest part of the job I used to be an engineer and coordinator to collect the needs and monitor the status. However, in order to meet customers' satisfaction, I need to check the availability and see if they are under corporate policies. It will take times to find out. ●the most enjoyable part of the job what I enjoy most is when I deal with the hard job because it means I could develop my skills more both interpersonal skills and IT knowledge during the project. So that I won't make the same mistake and run through projects smoothly next time. As engineer, I also like to share what I learned before with my colleagues when we do the brainstorming. By doing this, I deeply believe that I just - 更多......