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Everyday starts of with smiles and laughs saying hello to children and parents. Then the day begins. A visitor to my classroom would discern that I am a believer in child-initiated learning and all learning being relevant to the child. I strive to create daily opportunities to stimulate each child’s mind, promoting the desire to learn and allowing children to investigate independently, building self confidence and creativity.
The children attend specists lessons for 8 periods a week and during that time I am free to do planning, preparing and assessing.

The element that has strengthened with experience over the years is my behavior management. The careful balance that I maintain between a playful, creative atmosphere and personal responsibility and accountability is now part of the culture of my classrooms. As I have heard from innumerable parents, my students flourish within it.

I am very easy-going but definitely have opinions and suggestions. In TES, I always felt very respected and valued by the management. It was evident that our preferences and opinions were taken into highest consideration.

I enjoy working with others. Positive relationships and a healthy working environment are paramount to me. Most of my co-workers have become dear friends that I respect and would be delighted to work with in the future.

I love the high energy and excitement present in an Early Years classroom. However, the downside is the amount of physical energy expelled with working a full day with these active 4-5 year olds. This aspect, and the amount of paperwork required of
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Supportive staff and managment, fun enviornment, excellent compensation, generous paid holidays, summer bonus after completion of year, fully resourced with latest technology such as Smartboards and Ipads, free tuition for teacher's children, lots of breaks throughout the day, paid professional development courses
The instability that follows the climate of an International school such as staff turnover, constantly implementing new initiatives based on current educational trends, lots of professional development needed to keep up.